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DIY Poetry Publishing Cooperative

June 28, 2009

What's up, Chicago?

A newish collaborative site to answer that burning, eternal question:

Chicago Poetry Calendar Dot Org

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June 21, 2009

The summer lazies...

...or not really lazies. More like the summer whammies. I've been outta touch, kids, due to a bunch of personal and family biz. Things have calmed down significantly since April/May, and I'm trying to catch up again and stay on top of announcements at the least. But the new content on this here blog has been lacking and may continue to be sparse while I focus on other things (like Bloof).

Which reminds me to say, if you haven't already subscribed to the DIYPPC news feed, you're missing lots! It's a handy way to keep tabs on most of the presses we're tracking here. You can reach it via the dark blue box in the sidebar too, but here's the link.

Stick that in your reader & feel the rush.

May your staplers remain full & jam-free.