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DIY Poetry Publishing Cooperative

July 19, 2005

All clear?

Everybody okay with the mock-book step-by-step? If not, give me shout. I'm back at my desk.

By Thursday, you should have estimated your page count, made your mock book, determined your interior production method (printing vs. photocopying), and settled on your paper stock. (And if you are certain how many copies you're making feel free to go ahead and procure it, just be sure to get a little extra to make up for errors.)

This week we'll be looking at our mock books, addressing any problems with this step, and moving on to layout, production & covers. (The idea is to be have the books printed, or at least in progress, by our fourth and final class on Thursday, July 28. We can finish up our bindings that class period and/or before our reading Saturday, July 30.)


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