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DIY Poetry Publishing Cooperative

July 14, 2005

Freebie free-for-all

I have some leftover materials that are yours for the asking and some binding and finishing equipment I can bring to class. Please let me know if you'd like to use any of the following supplies for your projects.*

2 saddle staplers with staples
2 three-hole punchers
Small-format paper cutter
Ruler with rotary blade cutter

Card stock
White, 11 x 17. 50 sheets (could be trimmed down, but remember that's extra work!)
Red, 8.5 x 11. 10 full sheets (10 digest-sized books, or 20 quarter books)
Fuse green, 11 x 17. 7 full sheets + various large scraps (could be trimmed for digest-sized covers)

Interior stock
Plain white acid-free paper (500 sheets)

Decorative papers
5 sheets of handmade textured paper in beige
4 sheets of handmade textured paper in dark red
1 large sheet of black "tire tread" textured paper
1 large sheet of gold & silver leaf-print on olive green
1 sheet of recycled printed paper: blue dogs and florals on cream
1 sheet of recycled printed paper: gold florals on dark orange
1 large piece of white paper mesh (This one's hard to describe! I'll bring a swatch.)

Adhesive paper
5 sheets of sticker paper for laser printer, 8.5. x 11 (print & trim to size for use as cover plaques, etc.)

Arcylic yarn
Nothing fancy, just yr basic craft yarn in yellow, orange & black

Might have a few more things. I'll keep looking.

* Apologies to those of you following along, but these supplies are for class members only!


  • Hi Stephanie,

    We'll be going over this stuff in more detail tonight. I've got one of the staplers with me and some Percapellas we can practice on.

    I also have some legal-sized samples to show you, and we can talk about duplex printing (printing on both sides). There are various ways to do that, even if your printer isn't set up to do it manually. :)

    If you're using MSWord, you can set up two columns on the page and select "landscape" in your page setup. (More about this in class.) We can talk about what templates folks will need and get everybody set up.

    I've used Quark for years, so it's my fave, but I like InDesign too, though I am just starting to use it. It's got lots of benefits since it works so well with Adobe's other apps. If you're thinking of learning a layout app from scratch, I think InDesign is a good bet because more and more print shops are picking it up and it makes PDFs in a snap.

    Great questions! Keep 'em coming.

    By Blogger shanna, at 2:10 PM  

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