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April 23, 2006

Effing does it again

Jim Goar's new chabook Whole Milk is just out from Scott Pierce's supercool Effing Press in Austin, Texas.

Whole Milk by Jim Goar
3.75 x 5.75
40 pages
cover & interior illustrations by Josh Riosw
handmade Korean endpapers

A few of the things some people have said about the book:

"I don't know what the words in it mean but the book fits in my back pocket and I look hotter and thinner when it is there." -- girl on street

"Jim Goar writes some good English for a Korean." -- guy at bus stop

"When I get high with you in the near future this little book of Jim Goar's is what I'll want to reach for" -- Farid Matuk

"Any book with two poems that begin with the line 'a tree sprouted from my penis' is destined to break new ground. " -- publisher's mom

Here is a sample poem.

Also, this monkey likes it.



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