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DIY Poetry Publishing Cooperative

April 25, 2006

An English Pointer w/ some pointed English: Bird Dog #7

Bird Dog
ISSN 1546-0479
7 x 9, perfect-bound, tipped-in art

Subscriptions $15 for two issues.
Individual copies $8. (For international shipping add $8)
Checks payable to Sarah Mangold

Bird Dog
c/o Sarah Mangold
1535 32nd Ave, Apt. C
Seattle, WA 98122

The latest issue of Bird Dog (Seattle, WA) contains new work from derek beaulieu, Raymond L. Bianchi, Anne Boyer, Valerie Coulton, Gale Czerski, Patrick F. Durgin, Lisa Fishman, Brad Flis, Karla Kelsey, Sueyeun Juliette Lee, Michael Leong, Cleveland Moffett, Doug Nufer, John Olson, Danielle Pafunda, Nate Pritts, Francis Raven, Edward Smallfield, Joshua Marie Wilkinson & Max Winter, art by Patricia Hagen & a cover design by C.E. Putnam.

Bird Dog is also seeking innovative writing and art: collaborations, interviews, long poems, reviews, collage, poetry, poetics, graphs, charts, nonfiction, & crossgenre work for issue 8. The deadline is September 15, 2006.


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