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April 26, 2006

Once I heard Jenny Boully sing "Me & My Bobby McGee" karaoke-style...

...& that was impressive. But her second book's just come out, from Tarpaulin Sky Press, & I bet it's even better than that was.

[one love affair]*
by Jenny Boully

*A million wallowing anemones, a thousand eyes peeping through, a thousand spies shivering, unnamable endless flowerings, countless empty bottles, twelve flowers, eleven trees, eight fruits, four vegetables, four peppers, two enemas, two kidnappings, one accident, one suicide, one soothsayer, one drowning, one nightclub called Juicy.

ISBN 0-9779019-0-4
5" x 7", perfectbound, 76 pages

$12 in stores
OR $11 incl. U.S. shipping, direct from Tarpaulin Sky

Click to order
Get a peek inside.

And there's a beautiful hand-bound limited edition, too!

25 copies numbered and signed by the author.

Japanese noble stab-binding with 100% hemp twine
Cover: Lokta paper, handmade in Nepal from the plant Daphne cannabina.
End pages: Blue cornflower in 100% cotton tissue; handmade in India.
Interior pages: 60# text; natural, opaque vellum finish; 30% post-consumer recycled content.
No adhesives used anywhere in the book.
Title insert is slit into cover.
76 pp.

Not available in stores.
Exclusively from Tarpaulin Sky.
$20, incl. U.S. shipping

Click to order
Get a peek inside.


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