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May 01, 2006

Announcing Otoliths!

It's fall in the Southern Hemisphere, just in time for the Autumn 2006 debut of Otoliths, a new online journal presenting visual poetry & art as well as text-based work in a streamlined, creatively tweaked blog format that allows readers to comment on the individual pieces. The issue contains work by Eileen Tabios, Tom Beckett, CAConrad, Geof Huth, Jack Kimball, Thomas Fink, Shiela E. Murphy & many more, plus mini chapbooks by Jean Vengua & Ray Craig.

From editor Mark Young:

Otolith: One of the small bones or particles of calcareous or other hard substance in the internal ear of vertebrates, and in the auditory organs of many invertebrates; an ear stone. Collectively, the otoliths are called ear sand and otoconite.

About Otoliths: The intention is for Otoliths to appear quarterly, to contain a variety of what can be loosely described as e-things, that is, anything that can be translated (visually at this stage) to an electronic platform. If it moves, we won't shoot at it.

Otoliths will be accepting submissions for issue 2 through July 31.


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