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DIY Poetry Publishing Cooperative

May 02, 2006

Two more resources...

Yesterday in the shared DIY storefront thread below, Ivy Alvarez pointed to Chapbook Finder, another resource website for (not necessarily DIY) chapbook publishers & collectors. (Thanks, Ivy!) The site seems fairly new, but already contains a list of publishers, a links page (that points to Wild Honey Press's chapbook stitching demo), & a spot for individual chapbook descriptions that may evolve into something like a shared catalog or recommended titles feature. I've added them to the sidebar under "Stores, Distributors, Directories & Reviews."

The editors can be reached at chapbookfinder [at] aol [dot] com.

Poking around on the Poets House site yesterday, I noticed they use a service called Link Baton which directs readers toward a CHOICE of online retailers for each linked book, & can set cookies to remember preferred stores. I played around with it some. It's pretty cool. We might be able to incorporate Link Baton into a shared storefront too. (Unfortunately it will only work for books with ISBNs though.) It also seems like a handy feature for blog recommendation/reviews too, and it's designed to let you use it & still get credit for your affiliate referrals, if you're getting commissions from Amazon, Powell's, etc. (I've linked to the webmaster page pertaining to book-linking, but Link Baton also works for stocks & journal articles & publishers might want to read this page too.) Link Baton's been added to the "Other Resources" list in the sidebar.


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