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June 05, 2006

New from Lame House Press: Hazel McClure's Nothing Moving

Lame House Press editor/publisher Gina Myers announces the availability of their second chapbook, Nothing Moving by Hazel McClure.
"How we come to see ourselves. Glass, ice, sun, lines of water on a steamed-over window. 'The child sees a story in the lines, sings this word, that name.' How we come to say ourselves and where we are. 'Noun echoes pine.' The chest and the heart inside it, 'chest cracks open / as a seed.' I recognize home in this book of poems: the comings and goings of meaning (as if through the window that we keep returning to), the constant translation of body to spirit to world to body to word. The person speaking is someone I believe. And 'she looks straight / into the camera / as if she knows me'. " --Kate Greenstreet

Send a check for $5.00 (before June 15, or check back for updated address after that point) to:

Gina Myers
293 Hooper St. #11
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Click here to order via PayPal.

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