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July 16, 2006

New website & new call for submissions from Cy Gist!

Mark Lamoureux's Cy Gist press is now headquartered here. I've updated it in the sidebar too. Check out the new call for submissions:
I am happy to announce the call for submissions for its second chapbook anthology, Face Time.

Face Time will focus on poems written to accompany film or television stills. Submissions should be accompanied by an image of the still of 400 DPI or greater (snailmail submissions may simply include a copy of the still—I can do the scanning myself). The chapbook itself will be black and white, although I can convert color images. I will not be able to consider submissions unaccompanied by images.

As always, feel free to alter the images themselves if you so desire.

Send submissions as MS Word documents or PDFs to: mark_lamoureux [at] yahoo [dot] com. or to 25-16 41st Street, Apt. 2f, Astoria, NY 11103. The reading period is from the time of this announcement until August 20, with the chapbook being completed sometime in August. Payment will be 2 author’s copies.



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