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August 03, 2006

Organic Furniture Cellar by Jessica Smith now available

Jessica Smith announces the release of her debut book Organic Furniture Cellar from her own Outside Voices press.

Organic Furniture Cellar by Jessica Smith
Outside Voices Press
August 2006
96 pp.
"These poetic constellations are places to inhabit and shifting possibilities for meaning. Jessica Smith rounds every corner with another corner. Organic Furniture Cellar is the future in a now." --Charles Bernstein

"Jessica Smith's Organic Furniture Cellar takes on big issues, such as how to write about the place where you live with all its distractions, beauties, and limitations intact. And she writes out of these questions a beautifully fragmented series of page aware poems. A stunning and necessary first book." --Juliana Spahr

"Jessica Smith refuses to write like lyric poets, who merely rearrange the furniture of language in their rooms; instead, she makes her language skid 'every which way' like an office chair kicked across a parquet floor." --Christian Bök

Jessica's approach to DIY publishing combines the expertise of advisors (her MS was edited by several mentor poets), hands-on involvment in design and production, art-book quality printing and binding (through McNaughton & Gunn), and DIY distribution via her website, plus a boost from SPD & Bootstrap Productions. The book is the first printed release from Outside Voices, which has also put out collaborative e-books by Charles Bernstein & Susan Leftwich, and Jim Leftwich & Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, and has several other projects in the works.

I've swapped for my copy . . . so more on this one soon!

Excerpts, reviews, & ordering info can be found here.



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