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DIY Poetry Publishing Cooperative

May 06, 2007

A new issue of Tarpaulin Sky

From the editor Christian Peet, this announcement:
Tarpaulin Sky
Sping/Summer 2007
Text-Image / Ekphrastic Issue
Guest-edited by Rebecca Brown

Kitty has claws, that’s why kitty can’t get in the closet. Kitty won’t use them, if she doesn’t have to. Who’s seen my green eye shadow? Backstage, getting ready for the play. What’s interesting about the house on Kingswood is the TV room is for the grownups, the back bedroom is for us kids. These are all the dolls your mother played with, when she was a little girl. One even looks just like her, you think.

--Douglas A. Martin, My Grandmother's Closet

This special issue features new work created in response to images by Nancy Kiefer by Chris Abani, Rebecca Brown, Lucy Corin, Camille Dungy, Brian Evenson, Amy Halloran, Joanna Howard, Laird Hunt, Douglas A. Martin, Frances McCue, Suzanne Oliver, Selah Saterstrom, & John Yau.

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