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May 06, 2007

News of two news from Transmission Press . . .

The word from editor/publisher Logan Ryan Smith:
TRANSMISSION PRESS, my chapbook press, which is still under a year old, has recently released its 5th chappy, ORGY IN THE BEEF CLOSET, by Michael Koshkin. Shortly before this release, Sabrina Calle's THE GILLES POEM - WINTER 2006 COLLECTION was also released [& is still available].


Please go the website (transmissionpress.blogspot.com) for more info. Each book is $3.50 thru PayPal or by sending a check made out to me, Logan Ryan Smith, and sending it to:

Logan Ryan Smith
711 Leavenworth St., #35
San Francisco, CA 94109

And, of course, trades are always welcome. Also, if you're simply that broke but feel like you can't go another day knowing the distance between you and your favorite TRANSMISSION chap only grows, then let me know and I'll send ya one for free. Be sure to spread the news in the street and on your subway cars that Logan Ryan Smith is one generous mofo. Also that I'm pretty. Thanks.

Hugs and stuff,

You know what to do.



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