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April 11, 2009

The Best of Stain, Volume One

In the fall of 2008, Janice Brabaw created the music and literary series Stained Glass Confessional in Brooklyn, New York. After nearly forty performers and features in Time Out, New York, the Greenline, the Brooklyn Eagle, AMNY, and the NY Daily News, Janice is proud to announce the release of the chapbook anthology, The Best of Stain, Volume One.

The Best of Stain, Volume One features:

Swapan Basu
Janice Brabaw
Patricia Carragon
Mike Fiorito
Roxanne Hoffman
Valerie Jupe
Laurel Kallen
Nina Karacosta
James Kass
Frank Kelly
Jee Leong Koh
Harry Bentivenga Lichtenstein
NIck Loss-Eaton (Leland Sundries)
Jason Madison
Puma Perl
James Skidmore
Carrie VanDenburg
Darcie VanHamlin
Joe Yoga

Pre-order your copy TODAY. $7 including shipping. This is a limited run so reserve your copy now!


Please send check or money orders (made out to Janice Brabaw) to:

Tangled Up In Blue Productions
629 Grand Street
Brooklyn New York 11211

You can also pick up your copy at the BOOK RELEASE PARTY on APRIL 20th at the Stain Bar in Williamsburg @ 766 Grand Street.

This event is also STAINED GLASS CONFESSIONAL 4 which will feature Poets Laurel Kallen, Nina Karacosta, Janice Brabaw, Jessica Reed and musicians Lizzah Lohse, James Skidmore, and Mike Fiorito. Hosted by James Kass!!

Party Starts @ 7 with an open mic, features begin at 8!!

*** Also a special reminder that this MONDAY, April 13th, Stained Glass Confessional Presents

An Echo, A Stain: An evening of poetry at Stain Bar

Hosted by Lawrence E. Soehnel

Featuring Lawrence E. Soehnel, Janice Brabaw, Frank Kelly, Ameliia Terry, and Luis Bernard.

766 Grand Street in Williamsburg. Readings begin at 7:30. Open mic to follow features.

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