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DIY Poetry Publishing Cooperative

July 18, 2006

Coconut 5 is fresh . . .

With new poems from Mong-Lan, Ashley VanDoorn, Ada Limón, Scott Glassman, John Cotter, Lyn Hejinian, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, Katie Degentesh, Gina Myers, Dustin Williamson, Johannes Göransson, Noah Eli Gordon, Kristen Hanlon, Matt Hart, Kirsten Kaschock, Jennifer Moxley, Sarah Mangold, Carly Sachs, Joshua Edwards, Michael Rerick, Jen Tynes, Albert Flynn DeSilver, Maureen Seaton, Neil de la Flor, Hal Sirowitz & Robyn Art.

Crack it open with your machete & get slurping here.

(NB: Hey! Stay tuned for Coconut editor Bruce Covey's book Elapsing Speedway Organism, forthcoming from No Tell Motel Books.)



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