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DIY Poetry Publishing Cooperative

May 30, 2007

Just FIVE of the above (or best offer) will buy you a copy of

issue the first
spring/summer 2007

This new journal of poetry--42 JUICY PAGES of poetry--is printed on the cheapest paper and clumsily stapled for your reading pleasure. In terms of materials and editorial labor, it's worth about 37 cents. But the value of the poetry it contains CANNOT BE CALCULATED IN MONETARY UNITS. Still, if you can't afford $5.00 to buy this exciting new record of the best and happiest moments of the happiest and best minds, WE UNDERSTAND. Just send what you think is fair. How many magazines offer you a deal like that? NOT VERY DAMN MANY, THAT'S HOW MANY.

featuring work by

Brandon Downing
Gary Sullivan
CA Conrad
Alli Warren
Matt McCloud
Rodney Koeneke
Sharon Mesmer
Nada Gordon
Sandra Simonds
Shanna Compton
Michael Magee
Lanny Quarles
Bill Luoma
Rachel Dakarian
Drew Gardner
Katie Degentesh

full-color cover by LRSN

SUBSCRIPTIONS are the best way to go:

single issue: $5 (or best offer)
one year: $8
five years: $25
seventeen years: $968

Send checks, payable to K. Silem Mohammad, to:

Abraham Lincoln
c/o 840 Park St.
Ashland, OR 97520


pay Anne Boyer (anneboyer at gmail dot com) via PayPal.


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