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DIY Poetry Publishing Cooperative

March 04, 2006

H_NGM_N releases their first FLIP/CHAP

Some news from Nate Pritts:


Check us out! We're on the verge of H_NGM_N #5 but does that slow down the machine?


Just released--FLIP/CHAP #1 featuring Samuel Amadon's Advice for Young Couples and Dorothea Lasky's Art. [click here for sample poems and to order]

Still available: Muffler by Clay Matthews. Solid.
[click here for sample poems and to order]

&, in the months to come:

*Daniel Becker's CHANCE
*FLIP/CHAP #2 featuring Brad Liening & Gina Myers
*a chapbook from Erica Bernheim

Are you on board? You're on board, right?


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