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April 03, 2006

Octopus calls for chapbook manuscripts!

From the editors:
Issue #8 of Octopus will be a print issue available in winter of 06-07, but it is not going to be simply another print magazine. It will be a collection of eight separately bound chapbooks presented together. All eight chapbooks will also be available individually. The chapbooks will be the first product of Octopus Books, the new small press created by the editors of Octopus Magazine. Each chapbook will have a print run of 250 copies.

Submission Guidelines

* Manuscripts should be approximately 16-32 pages (more or less) of poetry (however you choose to define it).
* Any images involved in the work must be black & white.
* Please include two cover pages, one with only the title of the manuscript and a second with your name, address, telephone number, email address, and title of the manuscript. Your name should not appear elsewhere in the manuscript.
* Any poems that have been previously published should be specifically acknowledged on a separate page.
* Enclose a SASE for notification. Manuscripts cannot be returned.
* If you would like confirmation that your manuscript has been received, enclose a self-addressed, stamped postcard.
* Submission must be postmarked during the month of April. Manuscripts postmarked after April 30, 2006, will not be considered.
* Submissions must include an $8 reading fee for the contest. Checks are payable to Octopus Books or you can pay with Paypal.
* If paying with Paypal, please include a note with your mailed submission that you have done so.

All manuscripts will be processed by an intern who is not involved in the judging. Manuscripts will be read blindly by an Octopus editorial board that will choose 8 chapbooks for publication.

Multiple manuscripts are welcome, but each manuscript must have its own reading fee.

While there are no aesthetic parameters, you might want to familiarize yourself with work previously published in Octopus Magazine.

All entrants will be notified in late summer 06. Winners will receive one free copy of the entire issue (all eight chapbooks) and additional free copies of their own chapbook.

Send submissions to:

Octopus Magazine
1431 S. 18th St. #3
Lincoln, NE 68502

If you have further questions contact editor [at] octopusmagazine [dot] com.


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