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July 29, 2006

Facing pages: Henry Gould's In RI . . . in a bilingual edition

Henry Gould's In RI is a book-length poem on early New England history and the founding of Rhode Island. Written in 1994 but published here for the first time, this bilingual edition also includes the Italian translation by Anny Ballardini.

6 x 9, 200 pp.
Perfect-bound paperback

Also available for download as a PDF
$2. 19

New England October. The earth grows ancient.
Leaves fall, and we fall with them,
      slowly, almost floating.
Under pewter skies, the small yellow leaves
of the plane trees blaze more golden.
      Classical. The crowded
streets are quiet, introspective. Leaves
cluster, flattened in low relief across
      dark, rain-soaked

Something European. An imaginary
Paris. Intellectual schoolgirls, hugging books,
      walking under the high,
somber stone spires, singing
out of eternity. Tremor of old
      young love.

And then I saw her again,
moving ahead of me up the street, pigeon-
      toed, a little
slowly, tenative, wearing some autumnal
shawl. Walking alone, toward
      Italian class.

Order via Lulu.com here, where you can also preview Anny's Italian. (& while you're there, why not take a look at Henry's other books?)

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