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July 18, 2006

Introducing: Small Press Exchange!

Small Press Exchange

From Daniel Sendecki, co-publisher of Ahadada Books:
On February 14, 2006, a new website for the small press community launched at www.smallpressexchange.com. This site was conceptualized, programmed, and designed by myself, with the help of my co-publisher at Ahadada Books, Jesse Glass, [and] was envisioned as a loose affiliation of writers, booksellers, and small press publishers.

We're trying to stay on top of events and news from small publishers but would appreciate it if you could add the following email to your mailing list: events [at] smallpressexchange [dot] com

Keep us in mind when you have an announcement, event, or title to promote. If you care to register, you may submit your announcement automatically through a form at the site.

If you care to link to us, you may find images, banners, etc here.

The Small Press Exchange is the most comprehensive online portal into the small press. Our mission is to provide publishers, librarians, booksellers, authors, and general book enthusiasts with the resources they need. Our users benefit from access to various tools and services.

Read small-press reviews, events listings, announcements, calls for submissions & other news, create a profile for yourself or your press and browse others' profiles, search for a local independent bookstore, submit your books for review, etc. The Small Press Exchange has also been added to the resource links in the sidebar. Cool.


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