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DIY Poetry Publishing Cooperative

July 17, 2006

Now available: 180 Degrees of Separation by Tom Smith

Tom Smith announces the publication of his bitterly humorous poetry collection 180 Degrees of Separation.
Tom Smith woke up one day thinking entirely in rhyme. This strange affliction lasted for a year, a year in which he discovered that his wife had been having an affair, in which he went looking for meaning on the other side of the world only to break his back in a mountain-biking accident and in which he nearly died from a broken heart--literally.

If you’ve ever gone through a relationship break-up, this dry, wise, witty and sometimes just plain silly take on life--together with illustrations from the author’s notebooks--will have you rolling around on the floor.

Tom Smith is Milligan on a ukelele. Try him.

80 pages
6.14" x 9.21"
perfect binding
black-and-white interior
$16.13 via Lulu.com

Or stop by Tom's site for more info.



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