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DIY Poetry Publishing Cooperative

July 18, 2006

The press is small, the game is big & the sides are tiny . . .

From editor/publisher Maureen Thorson:
Tinysides 1-5: Nation of Immigrants

In the first lot of tinysides, we explore movement towards and away, with a distinctly American kick. We start with Jessica Smith's butterflies, which senses migration between continents, between vision and action, and grounds time in its own ephemerality. Next, we take a cross-country trip with Dustin Williamson, feeling the displacement of flight (and counting sevenhundredandtwentyfive baseball diamonds between here and Muncie). Stephanie Anderson, driven by abecedarian fervor, taps into America's love vibration, only to let Jordan Davis equate it to our empty, empty, empty, empty consumerist lives. Finally, Mark Lamoureux gracefully points out that it's not just the people, but the places, that we've let get spooky, what with all our restlessness.

Take a trip across, back, under, over, and through the tinysides. A buck a pop, or all five for a mere $4.50. Oops: some have already sold out. But you can still get the remaining tinysides as a discounted set!

Don't think. Just click.

Maureen's already at work on Tinysides 6-10, naturally.


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