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July 27, 2006

Reb Livingston & Molly Arden of No Tell Motel do tell . . .

. . . in an interview posted at the HarperCollins poetry blog, Cruelest Month.
When accepting work who is the good cop? Bad cop?

Molly: I'm not sure that "Bad cop" even captures it. I'm a wicked cop.

Reb: I'm a naughty cop.

In all seriousness, our tastes do diverge a bit, but so far that seems to be a good thing. Molly has really opened my eyes to different ways of approaching poems. There are a handful of poets we would not have published if it were entirely up to me and that would have been a big loss for No Tell.

Do you consider drinking alcohol while reading submissions unprofessional?

Molly: Yes. However, reading them in the bathtub with one hand submerged is only marginally unprofessional.

Reb: My senses go flat when I imbibe and that's no good for considering poems or making out.

What two poets would you like to see in a fist fight? Of the two, who wins?

Molly: I never want to see anyone in a fist fight. I'd love to see Dylan Thomas and Charles Bukowski get drunk and rage together. There are never any winners in games such as these.

Reb: Yeah, make poems, not war.

Read the rest.

Then rendezvous with Jonathan Mayhew, the motel's featured poet this week.


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