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July 18, 2006

Soft Targets launch lands in Artforum

& it looks like fun was had by all, with performances by Rachel Kushner, Damon Krukowski, Wayne Koestenbaum, & a sound/video presentation by teleseen.

A taste: Wayne Koestenbaum, "the diminutive, ultra-stylish professor/poet/critic" read from his work-in-progress called Hotel Theory, "a split-column book: one column a theoretical meditation on hotel rooms; the other a cheeky novel, starring Lana Turner and Liberace, among others, centered on the fictional Hotel Women in LA. A potentially disastrous formula, to be sure, but like all of Koestenbaum's work, it gracefully balances hard-won philosophical concepts with a genuinely funny camp wit."

(Pssst! Hotel Theory is forthcoming from Soft Skull, in Spring 2007.)

Read the rest here.

& copies of Soft Targets are still available here.


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