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DIY Poetry Publishing Cooperative

August 11, 2006

Have yourself a ball in a small town

From editor/publisher Logan Ryan Smith:
small town 10 is here to bite your cheeks and pinch your nose. And what do you say after? You say, 'wow, I love you, small town. I love you.' That's what you say. And you know why you say that? Because of these beautiful fucking people:

Jess Mynes (western, ma)
Susana Gardner (switzerland)
Gina Myers (brooklyn)
K. Lorraine Graham (san diego)
Joseph S. Cooper (boulder/buffalo)
Suzanne Stein (oakland)
kathryn l. pringle (san francisco)
Sabrina Calle (north carolina/ nyc)
Joseph Massey (arcata)
Cynthia Sailers (alameda)
Maureen Thorson (dc)
Michael Farrell (australia)
kari edwards (india)
Mairead Byrne (providence, ri)

This issue is 54 pages, staple bound, and has end papers! WOW! REALLY? END PAPERS?!! Yes, end papers. Different colors look good together, no? Yes. small town reminds you of the time before you knew what flourescents and pastels were.

There's a handy PayPal button in Logan's blog sidebar here (scroll down), or you can send a check/money order for $5 made out to Logan Ryan Smith to: 615 Leavenworth St., #201, San Francisco, CA 94109.


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