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August 03, 2006

Pseudophakia by Julie Carter

Julie Carter (of Weirdness Evaluation Engine & MiPoesias's Goodnight Show) has just released her DIY book Pseudophakia.
"Julie Carter's work would be too dark if not for all those flashes of brilliance. Death and decay are recurring themes. You could call her a formalist, as most of her poems are written in iambic pentameter, and many are sonnets, but her poems aren't about that, and often use rhyme and meter so subtly that you hardly notice them. Her aim, it seems to me, is to change the way you see things." --Rose Kelleher

Pseudophakia by Julie Carter
6 x 9
perfect-bound paperback
81 pages
$7.00 or less than a buck as a PDF

Available via Lulu.com here.



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