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September 11, 2006

Anchorite Press: New site, new releases & online archives

Good news from Chris Rizzo--Anchorite Press now has an online home . . .  and three new releases: 15 Poems in Sets of 5, a chapbook by Catherine Meng; "Fickle Hill," a broadside poem by Joseph Massey; & After Rilke by Aaron Tieger.

Chris has also scanned and posted the covers and production details for all the (elegant, classic) Anchorite books & broadsides to date!
In an effort to supply interested folks with some sort of web presence, I've designed this blog, which is linked (see sidebar) to a fairly extensive archive. Until I actually sat down to confront the notion of putting together an archive, I hadn't realized how much work Anchorite had done in the past, especially in 2004. Unfortunately, there is a general lack of images for very early broadsides, which were called "monographs" for a time. I hadn't expected Anchorite to grow as it has, and I subsequently gave away practically all of the early projects.

Still a work in progress, this blog will eventually carry news about the press and forthcoming publications, information on publishing, and hopefully some visual documentaries on how Anchorite Publications are put together. I'll also post calls for work here, too, so check back from time to time.

Cool. (Here's to many more, C.) Write to anchorite dot press at gmail dot com for ordering info.

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