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March 12, 2007

Playing ketchup: New release roundup

Oh, what happened to January? February? Yeah, well, things have been in flux 'round here. I can't possibly catch up with everything I missed, & many ephemeral chaps have already come & gone in that time, but here are buncha things with noting. After this, I'll try to keep up better! (Keep sending me yr announcements, links, etc., please.)

In no particular order:

Zachary Schomburg's The Man Suit is available for preorder from Black Ocean Press. (& they've been added to the resource links.) I haven't seen the book yet, but I like Zach's work a lot & have been looking forward to this. It'll be shipping April 2. 112pp. $12.95. They take PayPal. Get it here.

Jen Tynes has a new chapbook, from Dancing Girl Press, called See Also Electric Light, for a mere $5. I think this might be the one with Jen's poems riffing on a vintage book about boys and electricity, yes? She told me about it in Cambridge, but didn't read from it, so I'm curious about this one too. Get it here.

Speaking of both Zach Schomburg & Jen Tynes, lookie what they've done now: Horseless Press just published Zach's chapbook Abraham Lincoln's Death Scene. (I have read an earlier version of this, when it appeared in LIT a while back. Good stuff.) 22 pp. $5 via PayPal. Sorry, no cover image up yet. Get that here

Octopus #8 has also been released. (Gee, Zach has been really busy.) This boxed chapbook issue includes The Knife Grasses by Julie Doxsee, The Ohio System by Jen Tynes & Erika Howsare, Perfect Villagers by Sueyeun Juliette Lee, DJ Spinoza's Dozen by Eugene Ostashevsky, The Tides by Genya Turovskaya, The Continuing Misadventures of Andrew, the Headless Talking Bear by Jonah Winter, & Goodnight Lung by Samuel Amadon. You can also get the chaps individually ($6 each), but it's a much better deal (& idea) to collect all eight ($28) here.

Apostrophe Books has just released their first title, Catherine Meng's Tonight's the Night. At 80 pp at $13.50, it can be had via SPD (though maybe not quite yet), Amazon, or directly from Apostrophe (checks only, no online store yet). Details here. (Looks like they've got some other interesting things coming up too, including books from Elizabeth Robinson & Johannes Göransson.)

Mairéad Byrne has a new e-book, SOS, in PDF format from UBU Web's Ubu Editions here. [Link goes direct to PDF. For a complete index of UBU Editions titles, click here.] It's FREE to browse, print or save to your computer these 88 terrific pages. So you've no excuse. (& incidentally, Mairéad published all of the poems first on her blog Heaven, which you should really be reading, if you're not already. It's all poems, prose poems & poem-essays, all the time.)

Brian Kim Stefans has a new book, It's Not Time: Early Poems & Translations, which he's published through Lulu.com. It's available as a 151pp. paperback for $12 or a PDF download for $4. He talks about using Lulu a bit on his blog. Get it here.

Dusie entices us all to preorder Logan Ryan Smith's forthcoming book, The Singers. Here's more info.

Joe Massey has been busy too. A recent sequence of his (twelve short form works) called November Graph has been published by Bob Arnold's Longhouse Press in Guilford, Vermont, as an accordion-style fold-out booklet with wrap-around band. Only 50 copies were printed, & honestly, I may be too late. (Curses & apologies, if so.) But the website doesn't say sold out.) The chap is 7.95 and can be obtained directly from the press by check only. Checks should be made out to "Longhouse" & sent to LONGHOUSE, 1604 River Road, Guilford, Vermont 05301. (Sorry, no cover art to show ya.)

Also from Mr. Massey (as guest editor) comes the latest issue of Effing Magazine, with work by Zach Barocas, Christopher Rizzo, Mairéad Byrne, Andrew Mister, Rae Armantrout, Shannon Tharp, Aaron Tieger, Thomas Devaney, Julie Doxsee, Sandra Simonds, Jess Mynes & John Phillips. It's got a very beautiful letterpress cover featuring linocut lilies by Jared Faulkner. $6 for 64pp. Get it here.

Finally, if you're near Buffalo or in the lucky position to make the trip, the Buffalo Small Press Fair is coming up in a few weeks. Scheduled for March 31, the event schedule includes readings by DIYers Aaron Tieger, Jess Mynes, & others, plus music by I Feel Tractor & more. It's FREE to attend. (Wish I could.) Rocking.

OK, that's it for this update. I know, I know. I missed stuff. Pretend your fave missed project is that much cooler for being underappreciated. (It probably is.)

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