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DIY Poetry Publishing Cooperative

June 02, 2007

New to the resource links: MetroMania Press


Based in Texas and operated by Tanya Keyser, MetroMania Press produces handmade chapbooks in fine paper, by authors such as Megan Volpert (aka Dr. Madelyn Hatter) & Collin Kelley. They've been added to the list of publishers in the sidebar. Check out their catalog of poetry titles here.

Collin reports that his chapbook Slow to Burn is close to running out, so pick it up before it's too late!

It's also worth noting that for a fee, T. Keyser offers photography and design consultations for DIYers, and can walk you through the process of producing your first project with a printer. (Click the Art and Design tabs on the MetroMania site for more info.)



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