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June 02, 2007

Stray Dog Press, via Stockholm

Elizabeth Clark Wessel, an American poet living in Stockholm, Sweden, has recently founded Stray Dog Press. Their first book will be a chapbook of prose poems by the American author S.C. Hahn coming out this fall. (Click the link for more info and a sample page.)

Stray Dog's mission statement:
There is only one mainstream, but there are infinite ways of being outside of it. Our press is dedicated to and interested in the unheard of, the odd, the promising, the gonna-be, and the has-been. We eschew preconceived notions, and instead want to publish the way that we read, without the limitation of genre, subject matter, or language. We prioritize the personal and the international. We want translations, poetry, fiction, art, forgotten histories, collaborations, and cultural studies outside of the academic mold. We want what's current and what's hopelessly out of date. We want to make books that stand on their own, but also enrich each other by being a part of the same project.

Our press is based in Stockholm, Sweden and has two mother tongues. It's a bastard of the American Midwest and the Swedish capital.

They've been added to the sidebar links as well.



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