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February 15, 2008

Resurrection Party: new from Hex Presse

stamped green (eds)
Originally uploaded by mdetorie

poems by Michalle Gould
chapbook now available from Hex Presse

The first chapbook from Hex Presse!

*Double-bound in 1.) cold-pressed watercolor paper hand stamped on
both sides with archival ink and 2.) vellum
*outer cover has cutouts to reveal inner cover image and press mark.
*numbered edition of 100
*author's edition (#s 1-60) is all black and white
*editor's edition (shown here, #s 61-100) has colored vellum and is
stamped with colored ink inside.
*Printed on 100% recycled paper
*Due to the nature of the handmade binding, each chapbook is entirely unique.
*additional pictures of the chapbook are available here



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