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May 21, 2006

Amy King satisfies Kate Greenstreet's curiosity

How has your life been different since your book came out?

I am quite famous now. Rock stars ask for my lyrical assistance. Fortune 500 companies court me regularly for major advertising campaigns. David Lynch will soon use the book as a treatment for his next script. Of course, this only makes sense since I've long been an admirer of his films.

Finally, one of the biggest changes happens in seemingly small ways: fellow poets and readers contact me through my website to send kudos or ask a question about poetry. I love that kind of written-word induced conversation. Derrida has long attested to an inversion of the spoken-trumps-the-written binary. I am walking proof: I don't particularly enjoy talking poetics in person, but I adore going back and forth with individuals in private emails.

Read the rest here.

NB: Amy's publisher, BlazeVox Books, uses POD technology to produce their books. Check 'em out, & pick up Antidotes for an Alibi while you're at it!



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