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November 19, 2005

Abecedarium by Maureen Thorson

Says the author:

"[...]celebrate the release (finally) of Abecedarium, the most quietudinal chapbook in the world! References to Greek myths, flowers, and personal memories! Yikes! I wrote the original drafts of the twenty-six poems in under three hours, so there was no time for the brainwave stuff--just the facts, ma'am. Here's to raising alphabet awareness without challenging any of your comfortable bourgeois assumptions. Keep on listening to NPR, eating granola, and reading Abecedarium!

Contribute your bit to the capitalist poetic mainstream by clicking on the Buy Now button to your right [here]. Hurry--there are only 26! While supplies last, people! As seen on TV!"

This very limited-edition hand-sewn chap sports a wooden bead on the spine, horizontally or vertically striped hand-stamped covers, and polka-dotted endpapers. No two quite alike. Signed and numbered A-Z of 26. Whee!

Here is a sample poem:

Optimus Prime

After a fierce battle with Megatron,
we will die, we will die.

We'll join the stellar scraps,
the rusty floating junket

spiraling the metallic cosmos.
Until then, commandos, keep

that iron chinstrap up,
and remember to be impressed

with all the children
who cry us back

from cartoon sweeps week
and our ratings-grabbing deaths,

and toward the hero's existence,
the ring that never ends.


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