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January 19, 2006

Carve Editions announces their first two chapbooks!

carve logoCARVE is pleased to announce the publication of the first two chapbooks in the CARVE Editions series: Jess Mynes’ birds for example and Christopher Rizzo’s ZING.

Editor/publisher Aaron Tieger says:

"In birds for example Jess Mynes creates a rural vernacular reminiscent at times of Clark Coolidge, Philip Whalen, and Joseph Ceravolo. Flora and frustration, seasonal changes, sea changes--all are present in these poems which, though comfortable in their abstraction, find rather than lose the reader.

Christopher Rizzo’s ZING will stand as a document of a certain kind of existence long after its author has left it behind. With a sense of line, break and word reminiscent of a Renaissance-era Coolidge, Rizzo deftly drops these lyrics of longing and beauty. The title is apt."

Each book is $5, available (shortly) via the website or via post:

221 W. Lincoln #2
Ithaca, NY 14850

Checks made payable to Aaron Tieger.


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