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February 26, 2006

Lars Palm's Mindfulness reviewed by Chris Rizzo

"Carefully assembled, mindfulness consists of twenty poems of twenty lines each, with exactly one hundred words per poem—one hundred even, that is, if you count three ampersands per poem as a kind of shorthand for the vocalization of “and.” The ideational kicker is that this sequence of poems explores the twin ideas of difference and repetition through a series of loops or revolutions. Upon a cursory glance, each poem, despite different titles, looks precisely the same.

But that’s cursorily speaking. Once you stop flipping around and actually sit down to read and listen closely, the sequence begins to pull you in after the first few poems."

Read the rest here.

And download the e-book for FREE from Moira Poetry here. Or purchase it as a saddle-stapled chapbook via Lulu.com here.



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