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DIY Poetry Publishing Cooperative

March 04, 2006

Aaron Tieger's DIY Poetics

Aaron Tieger of CARVE reenters the blogosphere with a new DIY-focused project, DIY Poetics. [Yay!]

As the caption at the top suggests, I'm going to use this space to think out loud about the many small-press poetry books I acquire, as well as ideas I have about such endeavors: what am I talking about, and why, and to what end, etc. Partly I'm hoping to get myself to articulate my thoughts more (something I've had a long-standing insecurity about), and partly I think there aren't enough poetry blogs by people who are a) interested in this kind of thing, b) not academics, c) not academic, if you get my drift. I don't know if I'm a particularly good example of any of these things, but what the hell. Please use the comments boxes and talk back.

Aaron's first post also contains reviews of John Coletti's chapbook Physical Kind (mentioned in the EK's Books/Portable Press post below), the H_NGM_N Flip Chap (also mentioned in a post below), and two others. Rock.

Bookmark it, blogroll it, & otherwise love it, y'all.



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