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December 06, 2007

Reviewspotting: Gina Myers on Frank Sherlock's Wounds in an Imaginary Nature Show

"It is hard to leave the biographical out when thinking about Frank Sherlock’s Wounds in an Imaginary Nature Show. The cover image by Amze Emmons shows a hospital bed in the middle of a forest—the setting of the poem where a life is projected onto a sheet “fastened above the body bracketed / by trees,” a grotesque theater of sorts. Written while Sherlock was hospitalized in recovery from meningitis and complications from meningitis, the poem exists in the realm of hallucinations—a world that is slightly off, eerie, and still somehow not that different than our own."

Read the rest.

Night Flag is redolent with that inimitable new-car smell. Mmm. This is their very first chap. Make it yours for $5.



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