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DIY Poetry Publishing Cooperative

January 27, 2008

Next week in the AWP madness...

...how will you know where to find your favorite DIYers & micropresses? Will they even be at this bloated, horny conference?

Yeah, sure they will. But maybe not always in the bookfair or hotel venues.

Some micropresses did get tables in the bookfair--usually they share spaces, in the best DIY tradition--so definitely swing through there if you've got a badge. Even the unwashed unregistered can get in on Public Saturday. The exhibitor list is here. But many are also hosting offsite parties, readings & other events.

So I'm trying to pull together a little list of the Best of the Micropresses AWP doings. Hopefully I can get that up here in the next day or two. Because with 7000+ registered participants, loads more unregistered participants, 2 hotels, dozens of offsite locations, and at least 2 boroughs, if you're unprepared you'll bound to miss a not-to-be-missed event.

In the meantime, check Jessica Smith's this AWP Facebook event page for some details, and the AWP offsite event schedule for a whole lotta shebanging.


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