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DIY Poetry Publishing Cooperative

March 31, 2006

Virtual Artists Collective

Poet/blogger Steven Schroeder writes to introduce us all to the Virtual Artists Collective:
We publish five titles a year--started with Lulu and now use Lightning Source. Individual collective members also do handmade chapbooks and other projects that might be of interest.

Steve also suggests that the University of Alabama's MFA in Book Arts program might be of interest, and indeed it is.

Thanks, Steve! Both have also been added to the resource links in the sidebar.

(And speaking of Lightning Source, I just read yesterday in Publishers Weekly that a new court decision has gone in their favor, reversing an earlier verdict that their print-on-demand process was an infringement of On Demand Machine Corporation's patented technology. Their press release is here (as a PDF). It's all a little technical, but it means you've got another option for printing your DIY books, so they've been added to the resource links as well.)

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