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DIY Poetry Publishing Cooperative

June 13, 2006

Roundup: New DIY books, chaps & zines

Foursquare 1.1 is now available!
From editor/publisher Jessica Smith:
FOURSQUARE 1.1 will begin mailing Monday. You can buy a subscription here, or if you're not sure you want to invest the $12, you can buy a single copy of issue 1.1 at Etsy for $4. 1.1 includes work by Elizabeth Treadwell, Shanna Compton [ahem], K. Lorraine Graham, and Linda V. Russo. Cover collage by Elena Siff. FOURSQUARE will feature 4 different female poets every month. The broadzine comes enclosed in an embroidered fabric envelope; my mom and dad helped with this part. I hope to feature female artists who make and design their own fabrics by using their work for the envelopes instead of mass-produced fabrics, but for that to happen I'll need more subscriptions.

Forthcoming FOURSQUAREs will feature work by Juliana Spahr, Maureen Thorson, Brenda Iijima, Jenny Boully, Michelle Detorie, Chris Turnbull, Claire Webb, & T.A. Noonan, with covers handpainted by Chelsea Warren and silkscreened fabrics by other women artists.

Free poetry--for FREE!--from Bill Allegrezza & Dusie

William Allegrezza's Ishmael Among the Bushes is available from Dusie as a free PDF, or you can write to Bill to see if he has any printed copies left. Bill's also got a new book called In the Weaver's Valley, just out from Blue Lion Books. It's POD and available via Cafe Press here. (Blue Lion Books is new to me, & it seems they specialize in poetry weighing in at 200 pp. plus. Check out the rest of their chunky offerings here.)

Kenning Editions recently released their first perfect-bound book!

Jesse Seldess's Who Opens was designed by Jeff Clark (a.k.a. Quemadura) & is now available from SPD. Editor/publisher Patrick Durgin has put his Kenning poetry newsletter aside to make way for more books, chapbooks, broadsides & other poetikal ephemera. Here's a review of Who Opens at the A Tonalist blog, & Chicago Postmodern Poetry offers this interview with the author.

The fruits of NaPoWriMo are juicy & variously colored!

Maureen Thorson (our fearless NaPoWriMo leader) collected one poem each from several April participants for this handbound chapbook, which was distributed gratis to the poets as a keepsake for our strenuous poetic strivings in Spring 2006. Rock. (Not sure if extras are available, but you might try Reen at Big Game Books to see.)

Joshua Corey's Compostition Marble from Pavement Saw Press

Originally titled Composition Marble, a felicitous error redubbed this new book to the author's liking. Though the chap's not yet available through the Pavement Saw online store, it should show up there any day now, so keep yer peepers peeled.

Am I missing something?

I don't doubt it. You energetic kids are a challenge to keep up with. Shoot me an email, & as always, I'm happy to post links to reviews, interviews, articles, site, catalogs, etc., or hey, why not send me an original review of something you've read lately?

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