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January 28, 2006

Effing Press realeases Threnody by Tom Clark

Threnody by Tom Clark
8x10.5, 28 pages
text and illustrations by Tom Clark
w/ iron oxide endpapers

An excerpt:
Prologue: Dead End

The heavy industries that built our world and shaped our lives are dying. The sounds and sights in these grim cathedrals they’ve left behind—the empty vestiges of their once throbbing rituals, the iron foundries and sheet metal works, the copper smelting and cable manufacturing plants—echo and reflect their death throes. A pall of absence as dense as a toxic cloud hangs over things. Yet time continues to move forward: along rusted tracks and corroded rails, down dark alleys, across suspended gangways, past girders dangling precariously in black air, around blind corners through a labyrinth of internal factory corridors. Time that is the ghostly material medium in which we think and act—compelled onward yet never knowing where we’re going, turned aside, derailed, misled, diverted, confused, disoriented and finally lost—continues to grind on, as long as we keep breathing. This world of time through which we travel, which we have made, and which has made us, has only one direction, forward, and one speed, this speed, and one destination, a dead end that repeats itself over and over.

You can get it here via Pay Pal. Or by sending cash, check, or m/o to Scott Pierce, 703 W. 11th Street #2, Austin, TX 78701.

UPDATE: A review of Threnody by Dale Smith in Big Bridge here.


January 27, 2006

Didja Digerati yet?

digerati cover Steve Mueske at Three Candles Press offers a sweet discount for preorders on Digerati: 20 Contemporary Poets in the Virtual World, now through February 14th.

Peter Pereira
Eduardo C. Corral
Aaron Anstett
Paul Guest
Alison Pelegrin
Teresa Ballard
RJ McCaffery
Seth Abramson
Nancy Eimers
Anthony Robinson
Deborah Keenan
Tony Trigilio
Lee Ann Roripaugh
Shanna Compton
Jake Adam York
Michael Meyerhofer
Matthew Shindell
Jacqueline Marcus
William E. Stobb
Frank Matagrano

Click and ye shall receive.

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