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June 07, 2006

CAConrad loves you & tells Kate Greenstreet why

I'm not sure I can do this particular interview justice with a measly excerpt, but my body is too small for a tattoo of it. Here goes:
Before that day (so recent!) did you imagine that your life would change with the arrival of your book?

Yes, and it did. If I owned a car it would be the end of fearing parking tickets, or something. Instead I have the opportunity to taste strawberry ice cream like I never have before. Why did my strawberry ice cream never speak to me like this until now? This is a serious thing whether you care to believe me or not. I mean taking things seriously means caring about war. Are we caring about war? Did we remember at least once today that we are at war? And that STUPID homosexuals all over the country are joining the army right now because of some STUPID homosexual journalist writing about Military Pride? It's a serious thing when strawberry ice cream takes a moment from your life to get you to understand that Donald Rumsfeld is celebrating National Military Pride Month singing songs about Chicago or something, and some STUPID gay guy thinks the Pride in National Military Pride Month is the same Pride the STUPID gay journalist used in his STUPID article about Military Pride. If there are any people in this world who are a problem it's the STUPID ones. Especially the STUPID ones who are issued guns with an endless supply of bullets. The American factory of bullets has been on 24 hour shifts for three years now. Some folks have jobs making bullets for those who have jobs in tanks in the desert. It's a serious job making bullets and delivering them to their designated targets.

So you better believe me when I give you the finger on the cover. Fuck You I Love You. How dare you not realize! Yes it changes you, changes me, getting changed meaning getting other clothing on. Clean clothing. The book makes me want to put on clean clothing, because it makes me care more about you. I don't want to smell bad anymore, unless you say you liked it. Well, it's okay to Love you so much to get the clean clothes from beneath the dirty ones. Imperialism will force its children you and me to kill better or to Love stronger. The GRIP of needing to Love can you feel it? Yes it changed everything. [. . .]

Read the rest.

*Confession: I had a hand in making this book. Lucky me. Please do come to this reading Saturday, June 17.

Kate Greenstreet practices interrogation with Laura Sims

What influence has the book's publication had on your subsequent writing?

Unfortunately, I haven't been writing very much since the book came out. Is it the book's fault? I don't know. From the time I found out about the Alberta until the book's publication I felt like I was in limbo and couldn't really start anything new. So maybe it is the book's fault! Oh well, it was worth the sacrifice. I'm sure the fragmented teaching life (did I mention, at three different schools? I like to highlight my martyrdom...) didn't help much, either. I have started a new project, but haven't been writing enough for it to be the least bit satisfying yet. I have about seven months of free time coming up now, though, thanks to the JUSFC/NEA fellowship, so that should help me get rolling. If it doesn't, I'll be really pissed at myself!

Read the rest here.

June 05, 2006

New from Lame House Press: Hazel McClure's Nothing Moving

Lame House Press editor/publisher Gina Myers announces the availability of their second chapbook, Nothing Moving by Hazel McClure.
"How we come to see ourselves. Glass, ice, sun, lines of water on a steamed-over window. 'The child sees a story in the lines, sings this word, that name.' How we come to say ourselves and where we are. 'Noun echoes pine.' The chest and the heart inside it, 'chest cracks open / as a seed.' I recognize home in this book of poems: the comings and goings of meaning (as if through the window that we keep returning to), the constant translation of body to spirit to world to body to word. The person speaking is someone I believe. And 'she looks straight / into the camera / as if she knows me'. " --Kate Greenstreet

Send a check for $5.00 (before June 15, or check back for updated address after that point) to:

Gina Myers
293 Hooper St. #11
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Click here to order via PayPal.

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NEW! My Spaceship from Cy Gist Press.

Editor Mark Lamoureux announces the release of Cy Gist Press Chapbook #2, My Spaceship, an anthology of visual and ekphrastic poetry based on science-fiction images, featuring work by:

Christopher Rizzo, Garth Graeper, Catherine Meng, Steven Roberts, Suzanne Nixon, Maureen Thorson, Michael Carr, Erica Kaufman, K. Lorraine Graham, Noah Falck, Stacy Szymaszek, Eileen Tabios, Josephh Bienvenu, Shafer Hall, William Corbett, Jill Magi, Jess Mynes, Ginger Hoffman, Tom Beckett, Scott Glassman, John Leon & Nathan Pritts

My Spaceship is available for trade, or for a $6 donation to Cy Gist Press. (44 pp. hand-sewn, B&W illustrations)

& hey, lookie, here's a PayPal button, which will direct you to the CyGist store:

UPDATE: Here's a review of the chap by Ron Silliman.

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