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July 29, 2006

Introducing: Bull City Press & inch magazine

From the Bull City website:
Located in Durham, NC, we're a really, really, really tiny little press founded in 2006. We specialize in really, really, really tiny little publications.

Bull City Press is dedicated to publishing poetry and fiction by emerging and established authors. With a unique focus on small publications, short poems and microfiction, Bull City Press strives to make contemporary literature accessible and ubiquitous.

Each year, Bull City Press publishes 1-3 chapbooks of poetry and fiction, as well as the occasional anthology.

Bull City also publishes inch, for which they are currently seeking "smart complete poems, one to nine lines in length" as well as flash/micro/short short fiction ≤ 750 words.

Details here & here.

Facing pages: Henry Gould's In RI . . . in a bilingual edition

Henry Gould's In RI is a book-length poem on early New England history and the founding of Rhode Island. Written in 1994 but published here for the first time, this bilingual edition also includes the Italian translation by Anny Ballardini.

6 x 9, 200 pp.
Perfect-bound paperback

Also available for download as a PDF
$2. 19

New England October. The earth grows ancient.
Leaves fall, and we fall with them,
      slowly, almost floating.
Under pewter skies, the small yellow leaves
of the plane trees blaze more golden.
      Classical. The crowded
streets are quiet, introspective. Leaves
cluster, flattened in low relief across
      dark, rain-soaked

Something European. An imaginary
Paris. Intellectual schoolgirls, hugging books,
      walking under the high,
somber stone spires, singing
out of eternity. Tremor of old
      young love.

And then I saw her again,
moving ahead of me up the street, pigeon-
      toed, a little
slowly, tenative, wearing some autumnal
shawl. Walking alone, toward
      Italian class.

Order via Lulu.com here, where you can also preview Anny's Italian. (& while you're there, why not take a look at Henry's other books?)

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July 28, 2006

Diane: I am holding in my hand a small box of chocolate bunnies

A Slice of Cherry Pie is now available for preorder from Half Empty/Half Full! (Publication date: August 2006)

A Slice of Cherry Pie
Poetry inspired by David Lynch's Twin Peaks
Edited by Ivy Alvarez

5.25 x 8.5, 28 pp.
Strathmore Laid or Wove 24lb in Natural White interior
     (Acid-free, 25% cotton & 30% pcw recycled, produced with windpower)
Pegasus 80lb Cover in Museum White cover
     (Acid-free, chlorine-free, archival, 30% pcw recycled)

Featuring poems by Emilie Zoey Baker, Jilly Dybka, Collin Kelley, elena knox, Jared Leising, Daniel Lloyd, Siobhan Logan, Eileen Tabios, Maureen Thorson, Andrew J Wilson & Maike Zock.

$6.00 includes US shipping

Private Press will be publishing a UK edition.

Go here to order. Oh, & stay tuned for a call for submissions for the next chap in Ivy's Lynchian series.

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A doozie of a Dusie

The idea was a splendiferous one: 41 poets were asked to create chapbooks of their work, to trade among themselves in paper versions, & to post in electronic formats at the Dusie site for free (FREE!) download as pretty, printable PDFs.

The resulting e-chaps are now available.

Dusie Press is also pleased to announce the publication of its first book, Cornstarch Figurine, by Elizabeth Treadwell.

ISBN: 978-1-4116-7998-6
6 x 9, perfect bound
134 pp.
$13.00 + $2.75 shipping

Order via PayPal or check/money order here.

That's 42 ways to spend your summer vacation, kids.


July 27, 2006

Recommended: The Paper Mill Store & Green Field Paper Company

If you're looking for quality paper in bulk for you DIY projects, try the Paper Mill Store, which offers a wider range of colors, weights, and sizes all in one place than I've seen elsewhere, including acid-free/archival/ph neutral options, recycled stocks, and even a few papers made using windpower.

They also have a bunch of free templates available for download here.

If you want to go completely treeless (& have a little more $ to spend), take a look at Green Field Paper Company, for writing, cover, and drawing papers made with hemp fiber and recycled papers with up to 75% pcw content. They've also got a line of decorative handmade papers, made with garlic, coffee chaff, and even 100% recycled junk mail.


UPDATE: Scott Pierce points to Vision Paper for tree-free options as well. (Thanks, Scott.) I've written for sample swatches and a price list. Their papers are made from kenaf, a member of the hibiscus family.

ANOTHER UPDATE: I received my order from the Paper Mill Store . . . along with a sample mini pack of some beautiful glossy Kromekote by Smart Papers as a free sample. They rock.

Reb Livingston & Molly Arden of No Tell Motel do tell . . .

. . . in an interview posted at the HarperCollins poetry blog, Cruelest Month.
When accepting work who is the good cop? Bad cop?

Molly: I'm not sure that "Bad cop" even captures it. I'm a wicked cop.

Reb: I'm a naughty cop.

In all seriousness, our tastes do diverge a bit, but so far that seems to be a good thing. Molly has really opened my eyes to different ways of approaching poems. There are a handful of poets we would not have published if it were entirely up to me and that would have been a big loss for No Tell.

Do you consider drinking alcohol while reading submissions unprofessional?

Molly: Yes. However, reading them in the bathtub with one hand submerged is only marginally unprofessional.

Reb: My senses go flat when I imbibe and that's no good for considering poems or making out.

What two poets would you like to see in a fist fight? Of the two, who wins?

Molly: I never want to see anyone in a fist fight. I'd love to see Dylan Thomas and Charles Bukowski get drunk and rage together. There are never any winners in games such as these.

Reb: Yeah, make poems, not war.

Read the rest.

Then rendezvous with Jonathan Mayhew, the motel's featured poet this week.

July 26, 2006

Chapbooks on the cheap from Effing!

From Scott Pierce:

We could really use some cash for some printing projects so for $12.00 you can receive any 3 effing books that are in print as well as a handful of broadsides, postcards, and bookmarks.

See details here.

Already have all the effing books? Consider making a donation of any amount and still receive at least a handprinted postcard as well as our love.

C'mon, you know you don't have enough love, do ya.

Please spread the word.


July 24, 2006

H_NGM_N #5

The new issue of H_NGM_N is up, featuring poetry, fiction, essays, & reviews by Brad Liening • Brett Price • Christopher Mulrooney • Clay Matthews • Corey Mesler • Daniel Becker • Daniel Nester • Dorothea Lasky • Erica Bernheim • Erin Martin • Evan Commander • Gina Myers • Jason Bredle • JD Schraffenberger • Joshua Beckman • Julia Cohen • Matt Hart • Monica Fambrough • Pablo Peschiera • Peter Jay Shippy • Richard Fein • Samuel Amadon • Sheila Murphy • Steve Orlen • Thomas Hummel • Twilight Greenaway • Adam Clay • Bob Marcacci • Fred Schmalz • Jon Woodward • Lance Phillips • Tyler Carter • Jake Adam York • Joyelle McSweeney • Richard Meier • Vincent Masterson • Michael Cross • Clay Matthews • Gina Myers • Jen Tynes • Marci Nelligan • Matt Hart • Michael Broder • Nate Pritts • Pablo Peschiera • Richard Scheiwe • Matt Dube • an artist's portfolio by Henry Samelson • & comix by Michael Donnelly

Free for the clicking.

UPDATE: & hey, lookie. FLIP/CHAP #2 is ready too: KER-THUNK by Brad Liening / FEAR OF THE KNEE BENDING BACKWARDS by Gina Myers! 32 pp., $6 including postage right here.


Cracked Slab releases their first book: Michelle Noteboom's Edging

Cracked Slab books was founded in 2005 by William Allegrezza and Raymond Bianchi as an "outlet for experimental poetry and mixed media work."

The winner of their first Heartland Poetry Prize, Edging by Michelle Noteboom is now available here.
In this deeply moving first collection, Michelle Noteboom takes a rigorous, relentless, and compassionate look at the body in its most vulnerable moments. Focusing on skin--as a wave in which the body breaks against the world, as a screen on which our most intimate communications are written--she probes human possibility, revealing how it can betray humanity, but also, how, ultimately, it returns to it. --Cole Swensen

$12.95 via PayPal, & it can be yours.