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September 29, 2006

I know I'm behind again, but you know a good apocalypse just can't wait.

& so here it is, Anne Boyer's Good Apocalypse which has some poems in it and also some art in it (including this, one of my favorites).

Anne Boyer's Good Apocalypse
w/ illustrations by the author
5x7.5, 36 pages
$7, available now

There is nothing, really, more to say (yet) except that you should purchase it. Right away. To soothe your little eschatological heart.

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September 28, 2006

aStore/Lulu Store updates

Hey, good news from Amazon.

They've been listening to the comments from the beta test of the aStores function, and they've added a couple of new features that will allow me to better organize the DIY aStore (linked in sidebar).

Obviously, this is an experiment-in-progress, but it looks like I'll be able to do a bit more for October than I could in September. So stay tuned.

And over at the Lulu store (also in sidebar), I've added a few more books and begun alphabetizing them by means of a three-digit ordering system. It's not perfect, but for the number of titles the store will feature, I think it will work. No word yet on whether Lulu is working on some way to display author names along with titles and cover art, but I did ask. And hey, add those book descriptions, people, so folks have *some* clue as to what's inside. You can use that spot for a blurb, review, or author bio too, if you can't nail down a book description. (The Flickrbugs and vispoets among you might check out Lulu's brand new Photobook option too.)

& yes, more announcements/reviews soon. I've just been really busy. (But so have you!)

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