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DIY Poetry Publishing Cooperative

October 18, 2005

More MiPo!

Didi Menendez, the extraordinary, superenergetic editor of MiPoesias, writes to say MiPo also publishes posters, chapbooks, newsletters, and etc. via Lulu.com--in addition to their terrific online issues and pioneering podcasts. Go MiPo, mo Mipo, so MiPo!

I've added both the magazine (which really should have been there before) and the Lulu.com store to the resource links to your right.

Check them out here.


October 17, 2005

DIY publishing as an extension of the art

Laurel Snyder interviewed me a couple of weeks ago in Atlanta, where we talked about DIY publishing vs. traditional publishing, small-press distribution, and poets as publishers, among other things. You can listen in or download the podcast at MiPo Radio here.