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DIY Poetry Publishing Cooperative

April 01, 2006


An announcement from the Poetry Society of America:
Editors and poets from Fence Books, Four Way Books, Futurepoem Books,
& Ugly Duckling Presse will read and discuss their challenging and
rewarding province in the world of publishing.

Featuring Jen Bervin, Michael Ives, Sarah Manguso, Anthony McCann, Eugene
Ostashevsky, Jason Schneiderman, Sasha Steensen, and Jo Ann

Editors Dan Machlin, Anna Moschovakis, Martha Rhodes, and Charles
Valle will introduce the poets and take part in a short panel after
the reading.

Admission is $10 / $7 for PSA Members and Students.

Call the box office at 212-279-4200 to reserve a ticket.

Wednesday, April 19th 7:30 P.M.
Baruch Performing Arts Center
55 Lexington Avenue at 25th Street
(Between Lexington and 3rd Avenues)
New York, New York

March 31, 2006

Virtual Artists Collective

Poet/blogger Steven Schroeder writes to introduce us all to the Virtual Artists Collective:
We publish five titles a year--started with Lulu and now use Lightning Source. Individual collective members also do handmade chapbooks and other projects that might be of interest.

Steve also suggests that the University of Alabama's MFA in Book Arts program might be of interest, and indeed it is.

Thanks, Steve! Both have also been added to the resource links in the sidebar.

(And speaking of Lightning Source, I just read yesterday in Publishers Weekly that a new court decision has gone in their favor, reversing an earlier verdict that their print-on-demand process was an infringement of On Demand Machine Corporation's patented technology. Their press release is here (as a PDF). It's all a little technical, but it means you've got another option for printing your DIY books, so they've been added to the resource links as well.)

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Two new chaps from Fewer & Further!

From Fewer & Further editor/publisher Jess Mynes:
Poetry friends,

Fewer & Further Press is pleased to announce the publication of two new works: Michael Carr’s Platinum Blonde and Aaron Tieger’s February. Both are available for purchase through the press website here. The website offers excerpts and audio samples of the poetry. Both works are published in an edition of 200 copies, 35 of which are special editions. If you are interested in purchasing a special edition, please contact the editor: jmynes [at] gmail [dot] com.

Platinum Blonde is a collection of poems and collages by Michael Carr. Michael coedits Katalanche Press with the poet Dorothea Lasky. His work has appeared in several magazines including: can we have our ball back, Shampoo, and the tiny.

February is Aaron Tieger’s fourth published work. His previous publications include Days and Days (Pressed Wafer) and Coltsfoot Insularity, also available from Fewer & Further Press. Aaron edits CARVE Poems and CARVE Editions.

March 27, 2006

The economics of poetry publishing (again)

Poet and Meritage Press publisher/editor Eileen Tabios is doing her taxes, and letting us all peek at a tally of her poetry-related expenses vs. her profits for last year at her Chatelaine's Poetics blog. [Note: scroll down to March 27 entry.]

(Thanks, Eileen. I hope switching to POD production helps you keep costs down, and that you'll continue to share your experiences so generously for the enlightenment of all!)

Eileen has also just announced the goodies planned for her 2006 list:

NOT EVEN DOGS by Ernesto Priego

DERIVÉ by Bruna Mori, with sumi-ink paintings by Matthew Kinney


KALI BLADE by Michelle Bautista

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Preorder offer from Faux Press on Bay Poetics!

Jack Kimball, publisher of Faux Press, is offering a discount deal for preorders for the forthcoming anthology Bay Poetics, edited by Stephanie Young.

This is sure to be a remarkable collection of work, gathering more than 100 Bay-area poets. So click that cover!

& if you haven't already done so, do check out Stephanie Young's own Telling the Future Off as well.

Bear Parade launches with an e-book by Tao Lin

A new online magazine (or should we call it an e-book series?) called Bear Parade has just launched, with a selection of nine new poems by Tao Lin called this emotion was a little e-book.

i'll write another poem instead of looking for a job

i’m going to look at madison, wisconsin through a telescope then move there

five-million-dollar poems are going to come from my head if i move from new york
     to wisconsin

each word i type further alienates me from other human beings

i am willing to interpret an alien crash-landing a UFO in wisconsin as a 'desperate cry
     for help'

i just feel alienated from the noises that are coming out of your head

i'm going to look at other human beings through a telescope then make a
     desperate noise

five million dollars wouldn't really further alienate me from my poetry

i'm going to stare at my poetry then move my desperate noise there

'good idea,' i just typed

i feel that i just further alienated myself from my own desperate poem

human beings who interpret my poetry as a 'cry for help' further alienate me generally

i feel alienated from the noises that just came out of my cell phone

i'm going to look at you through a telescope then move there for help

from outer space madison, wisconsin looks and feels like a 'desperately good idea'

i feel that helping an alien crash-land a five-million-dollar UFO is a really desperate
     thing to do


i feel that my poetry is fucking stupid

Click here for more. And stay tuned for Tao's forthcoming poetry collection you are a little bit unhappier than i am forthcoming from Action Books, and his short story collection bed, forthcoming from Melville House.