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June 02, 2007

Peekable PressPressPress window, now in the sidebar

I've been trying to figure out a way to make the shared stores visible from the main page here, and I've just hacked an inline frame for PressPressPress as an experiment.

This is a larger version of what you'll see in the sidebar. I'll see if I can come up with a similar trick for the A-store and Lulu shop, but those might be trickier. Maybe pop-up windows will work? Hmm. Learning as we go here, so tips welcome. (Remember part of the goal is that this site be 100% free to host, so solutions I could use on a hosted site aren't eligible.)

PressPressPress is a shared store featuring new releases by several poetry micropresses. Peek & scroll here to see if there's something new since your last visit & click to open PressPressPress in a new full-sized window. (Sorry this inline frame will not work for some older browsers.)

UPDATE: Oops, spoke too soon. This doesn't quite work yet. I need to add code for opening PressPressPress in a new full-sized window. The inline fram works, and will let you PayPal, etc., even. But lemme work on this some more....

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Kitchen Press Chapbooks: new now & new later

Kitchen Press Chapbooks presents Morgan Lucas Schuldt's Otherhow:

My Merely

Am among.
Am mortal whee,

botched from the very start,

Since then am balsa-breathing through.
Am passage-process, pulse-pace, proof-pink.

My ing-ing—iffy at best.
Am all while-ing given to thrall and god-hurry.

Am x-ratedness & meat-joy & what's-his-name
when lust's skully pull un-seems all others in the kite field.

The only leggy accident for miles
looking good in wool is you. Am romantic

deathscepade. Soothe & should.
Wanna and coulda fort-da-ing daily.

Am why-way, tell-why eyes;
shy-say, quell-why sighs.

Sinew and brink, am doing the breathing different.
Stats so-so and worsting.

That sort.

Order at the Kitchen Press Chapbooks store for $5.

& forthcoming from Kitchen Press, look out for Run Down the Emphasis by Erin Elizabeth Burke, Why I Am White by Mathias Svalina, Tentative List by Thomas David Lisk, & Out of Light by Joe Massey.


Stray Dog Press, via Stockholm

Elizabeth Clark Wessel, an American poet living in Stockholm, Sweden, has recently founded Stray Dog Press. Their first book will be a chapbook of prose poems by the American author S.C. Hahn coming out this fall. (Click the link for more info and a sample page.)

Stray Dog's mission statement:
There is only one mainstream, but there are infinite ways of being outside of it. Our press is dedicated to and interested in the unheard of, the odd, the promising, the gonna-be, and the has-been. We eschew preconceived notions, and instead want to publish the way that we read, without the limitation of genre, subject matter, or language. We prioritize the personal and the international. We want translations, poetry, fiction, art, forgotten histories, collaborations, and cultural studies outside of the academic mold. We want what's current and what's hopelessly out of date. We want to make books that stand on their own, but also enrich each other by being a part of the same project.

Our press is based in Stockholm, Sweden and has two mother tongues. It's a bastard of the American Midwest and the Swedish capital.

They've been added to the sidebar links as well.


Introducing Dos Press!

My my, things are hot down Texas way. Another Texas-based press sends news:
Dos Press will be publishing handmade chapboos, coedited by C.J. Martin and Julia Drescher.

Each series includes four books published over (roughly) the course of a year. Each book consists of one longer and two shorter chaps from three different authors. The dos-a-dos format: 1 book, 2 spines, 3 authors.

In the first book, set to release in the next few weeks:

Poems, by Hoa Nguyen
Therefore You Are That Other One You Love, by Carter Smith
Incident Light Poem, by Andrea Strudensky

The first book also features cover linocuts designed by Scott Webel and Jen Hirt, co-curators of The Museum of Natural & Artificial Ephemerata in Austin, TX.

Selections from the first book can be read in the first issue of Little Red Leaves. Pics can be viewed from our Flickr site.

The first series includes work from nine other poets in three books.

Poets in the first two series:

Rosa Alcalá (Poems & Translations)
Michelle Detorie
Johannes Göransson (Poems & Translations)
Ashley Smith
Brian Mornar
Tess Coody-Anders
Michael Cross
Julia Drescher
Joshua Marie Wilkinson
Alison Cimino


New from Lame House: Outtakes by Dan Hoy

Outtakes by Dan Hoy
Lame House #7
Cover Design: Jane Lewis
Cover Art: Franke Vogl
(c) 2007 Dan Hoy


Some of these poems have previously appeared or are forthcoming in Agriculture Reader, Coconut, H_NGM_N, and the tiny. Read "Love Before Talkies" in H_NGM_N #6 here.

Buy now using PayPal, or send a check made out to Gina Myers, 95 Verona St. #4, Brooklyn, NY 11231.


Also terrific to note: Alli Warren's Cousins is available again, in a new second printing. It and Dustin Williamson's Cab Ass'n are also available through the Lame House site, mail order, or at these stores:

Pegasus Books Downtown
2349 Shattuck Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94704

Woodland Pattern Book Center
720 East Locust Street
Milwaukee, WI 53212

I think I have all the Lame House books so far, and they are definitely collectible. You should start now.


New to the resource links: MetroMania Press


Based in Texas and operated by Tanya Keyser, MetroMania Press produces handmade chapbooks in fine paper, by authors such as Megan Volpert (aka Dr. Madelyn Hatter) & Collin Kelley. They've been added to the list of publishers in the sidebar. Check out their catalog of poetry titles here.

Collin reports that his chapbook Slow to Burn is close to running out, so pick it up before it's too late!

It's also worth noting that for a fee, T. Keyser offers photography and design consultations for DIYers, and can walk you through the process of producing your first project with a printer. (Click the Art and Design tabs on the MetroMania site for more info.)


May 31, 2007

Summer reading, DIY style

New from Dusie Press, Logan Ryan Smith's The Singers! Kevin Killian gushes, "Music and its family of allied arts reigns high in the world Logan Ryan Smith has carved for his Singers. Dance and ritual act as counterforces to the martial law the poem has been written under, in this time of Iraq incursion that touches every aspect of our lives. Smith sends out these poems like bulletins to his heroes, his confreres, his girlfriends, his dead; in the serial form pioneered by Jack Spicer, John Ashbery, Robin Blaser, and Larry Kearney, the tropes rumble like card tricks—Spicer’s forests, diamonds, Giants and knights advance and retreat across a musical chessboard. If there was no one else writing poetry in all of the Bay Area, we would still be 'covered'; with Logan Ryan Smith at bat we’ll see angels in the outfield." Enough said. Order here for $13.00 plus s&h. (6x9, 104 pp., perfect bound.)

And speaking of Dusie, the Dusie Kollective chaps have started arriving. Participating poets (of which I am one this year) are making handmade copies of their chaps to swap among themselves, and PDF/electronic versions to be posted in the forthcoming summer issue of Dusie. So far, they've all been impressive, and there are several new-to-me poets in the group. I'm looking forward to receiving the rest. And gee, I should really finish mine and start stapling! Anyway, keep your eyes here for the PDF armory show. I believe it'll be posted in late June.

As of yesterday, Maureen Thorson's Big Game Books has unleashed another set of tiny yet powerful poetry in the form known as tinysides. "Tinysides 31-35: Games We Play to Win: The seventh installment of the tinysides series shows the value of luck and persistence. Our authors play their games to win. First up, and with aces in the hole, Jenna Cardinale brings us tales of infinitive advantage, and the pleasure of reversals. Next up to bat, Jordan Stempleman celebrates the strength of muscle and the unnerving statistical powers of monkeys, shipwrecks and healing. Ivy Alvarez follows coyly behind, with a basketful of solutions to life's most intractable problem -- itself. Lars Palm knows that even in the midst of life, there are Spanish pop songs, and the fun of phonemes. Finally, Michael Comstock brings up the rear, and wants you to know why he likes you. He really does. Really. As usual, Tinysides are the cheapest form of poem around. A buck a pop, or all five for a mere $4.50. (S&H runs you about $1.00)." These little goodies go fast, so don't delay. Order here.

Looky there: Amy King was recently elected Poet Laureate...of the Blogosphere. Even more importantly, she's got a new book out, which I haven't yet picked up. Let this note serve as my reminder and yours too. Says Linh Dinh, "These poems are meditative, subtle and deeply human, but beneath their cool, often gorgeous surfaces are darker currents, 'holes firing lyrics, free range.' Amy King 'pimps the abyss,' and she's not joking. Better kiss your 'trucker state' goodbye." Well all right. ISBN:1-934289-33-7, 7 x1o, 87 pp., perfect bound. $16. Available from Blaze-VOX here.

This one's been out a while, but somehow I missed it until yesterday, despite its author being a coeditor here, ahem! Sandra Simonds' The Humble Travelogues of Mr. Ian Worthington, Written from Land & Sea can be obtained from Mark Lamoureux's Cy Gist Press for $6 here. (16 pp. Saddle-stapled.)

Bill Allegrezza of Cracked Slab Books announces the release of The City Visible: Chicago Poetry for the New Century. "It's an anthology of some of the best innovative poetry being written currently in Chicago. Peter Gizzi says of it, 'When Carl Sandburg asked in his Chicago Poems, close to a hundred years ago, for 'a voice to speak to me in the day end, / A hand to touch me in the dark room / Breaking the long loneliness,' little did he know his city would be so fully and livingly answered and so honored. Chicago is again transformed by poetry. Here in these myriad acts of imagination, the poets of The City Visible give to it again, in Shakespeare's terms, 'local habitation and a name.'" ISBN: 0-9786440-1-8. Perfect bound. 254 pp. Edited by W. Allegrezza & R. Bianchi. $22.95. Order directly from the press, or look for it at Amazon & SPD (coming soon).

The first issue of Andrew Lundwall's new e-zine, Seconds, is now online, featuring work by poets Mathias Svalina, Eileen Tabios, Scott Keeney, Alexander Jorgensen, Sheila Murphy, Tomaž Šalamun, and Andrew Demcak.

Also, I've added Wintered Press, edited by Rachel Moritz and Sun Yung Shin in Minneapolis, to the sidebar links. Check out the blog for here for their catalog and mailorder info.

Last and least, I forgot to (duh) mention here the article I wrote for the Poetry Foundation website on how blogs have changed poetry publishing. Peruse it here.

[I still have a few more things to add to this, believe it or not. Check back this afternoon!]

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Allen Bramhall's Days Poem: Vols. 1 & 2 now available from Meritage Press!


So summer is here and you're looking for something substantial to kerplunk down in a lawn chair with, right? Here's just the thing.
Days Poem, Vol. 1 & 2 by Allen Bramhall

Says the author, "Begun casually, the writing of Days Poem quickly grew into a daily necessity to write, even to plug onward. In this way, it resembles a journal or novel, tho it claims neither genre as its own. It started with an idea of writing large and embracing extent. It settled (and unsettled) itself within the compelling philosophical argument that it is what it is. The thrill of relentlessness and perseverance pushed it until, you know, it came to an end. As the writer of these pages, I wanted to play with hobos, and bears, and Tarzan & Jane, and Walden Pond, and all the words in between. I wanted a little amazement in every day."

Allen Bramhall was born by the banks of the Concord River in 1952 and has lived in Massachusetts ever since. He was educated at Franconia College and Lesley University, and in nonacademic places as well. Simple Theory (Potes & Poets Press) was his first book. He maintains a blog called Tributary, and a life with Beth and Erin.

ISBN: 978-0-9709-1798-0
6" x 9", perfect binding
510 pp.

ISBN: 978-0-9709-1799-7
6" x 9", perfect binding
442 pp.

Those links above will take you to Meritage Press's Lulu store. Or the books are also available directly from the press. Details here.

I've been waiting for this MAJOR EVENT, and my copies are on the way. Report to come, but why wait?

UPDATE: To celebrate the release of Days Poem, Meritage Press is pleased to offer the following SPECIAL OFFER:

To order a single volume, a 20% discount and free shipping/handling (about a $3.00 value) for a single-volume price of $22.40

To order both volumes, a 25% discount and free shipping handling for a 2-volume price of $42.00

This offer will be good through June 30, 2007...and is expected to be the least expensive rate for purchasing the book(s). Please send checks made out to "Meritage Press" and mail to

Eileen Tabios
Meritage Press
256 North Fork Crystal Springs Rd.
St. Helena, CA 94574


May 30, 2007

Just FIVE of the above (or best offer) will buy you a copy of

issue the first
spring/summer 2007

This new journal of poetry--42 JUICY PAGES of poetry--is printed on the cheapest paper and clumsily stapled for your reading pleasure. In terms of materials and editorial labor, it's worth about 37 cents. But the value of the poetry it contains CANNOT BE CALCULATED IN MONETARY UNITS. Still, if you can't afford $5.00 to buy this exciting new record of the best and happiest moments of the happiest and best minds, WE UNDERSTAND. Just send what you think is fair. How many magazines offer you a deal like that? NOT VERY DAMN MANY, THAT'S HOW MANY.

featuring work by

Brandon Downing
Gary Sullivan
CA Conrad
Alli Warren
Matt McCloud
Rodney Koeneke
Sharon Mesmer
Nada Gordon
Sandra Simonds
Shanna Compton
Michael Magee
Lanny Quarles
Bill Luoma
Rachel Dakarian
Drew Gardner
Katie Degentesh

full-color cover by LRSN

SUBSCRIPTIONS are the best way to go:

single issue: $5 (or best offer)
one year: $8
five years: $25
seventeen years: $968

Send checks, payable to K. Silem Mohammad, to:

Abraham Lincoln
c/o 840 Park St.
Ashland, OR 97520


pay Anne Boyer (anneboyer at gmail dot com) via PayPal.

May 27, 2007

New Chapbook from Christine Hamm:

Christine Hamm’s chapbook, “Children Having Trouble with Meat” shows an admirable ability to balance metaphorical intensity while keeping focus on a clearly stated theme. The poems display a sensibility to food, and eating, and the existential implications of both, in a way which is both a contemporary commentary on eating disorders, and a delicate allusion to myths of eating and being.

Order it Here

You can buy THE SINGERS by Logan Ryan Smith HERE

This is what Kevin Killian has to say about it:

“It’s time to gather rest under duress.” Music and its family of allied arts reigns high in the world Logan Ryan Smith has carved for his Singers. Dance and ritual act as counterforces to the martial law the poem has been written under, in this time of Iraq incursion that touches every aspect of our lives. Smith sends out these poems like bulletins to his heroes, his confreres, his girlfriends, his dead; in the serial form pioneered by Jack Spicer, John Ashbery, Robin Blaser, and Larry Kearney, the tropes rumble like card tricks—Spicer’s forests, diamonds, Giants and knights advance and retreat across a musical chessboard. If there was no one else writing poetry in all of the Bay Area, we would still be “covered”; with Logan Ryan Smith at bat we’ll see angels in the outfield."